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Drive at the next level with TomTom CURFER and Autoist

Visualise a new way of saving money on your car insurance powered by technology that you’re used to.

What is TomTom CURFER?

The TomTom CURFER is a revolutionary app-device combination used by drivers to improve their driving style through an attractive digital interface displayed on their phone.

Providing an easy-to-understand visualisation of how you’ve been cornering, braking and accelerating, it allows you the opportunity to adapt your behaviour on the road: in real time.

The main goal for TomTom Telematics and Autoist, is to create smooth drivers who are able to deal with the unpredictable nature of today’s roads. We also really want to lower car insurance costs through the dynamic data provided by the TomTom CURFER.

How does the TomTom CURFER work?

To install your TomTom CURFER device, you simply need to plug it into your car’s OBD port and then pair it with your phone. The app will then guide you through the rest of the installation process.

It will then sync and activate the next time your engine starts and begin sending data into your app. Your data is controlled by you and stored securely by TomTom – so you can always drive with peace of mind.

You can check here to see if TomTom CURFER is compatible with your car.

Advanced car diagnostics at your fingertips

The TomTom CURFER not only allows you to see how you’ve been performing; it will also let you see how your car is performing too.

If you fancy yourself as a car enthusiast, the TomTom CURFER ‘Expert’ section will excite you just as much as it does us.
Detailed data on things like air and fuel pressure, throttle levels and temperatures are all visible on a time graph so you can monitor historic trends and identify problem spots.

Both the driving data and the more car-savvy expert diagnostics can be used to help you better understand your car and its performance, and also potentially assist you when maintaining it. If you can diagnose a fault before your car starts having real problems, and get it fixed quickly, you could avoid handing over the extra few hundred quid it could have cost!

The TomTom CURFER can identify error codes within your car’s ECU (basically the in-car computer) and tell you what’s wrong. It can also tell you if your battery needs charging or if there might be a problem with your fuel pressure.

Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting yourself against hefty repair bills. Autoist and TomTom Telematics are on your side and we’ll keep it that way.

It’s your data, not ours!

Unlike some other insurers, we won’t force you to share your data with us.

We won’t look at your journeys or your car's performance; that’s for you. In fact, the TomTom CURFER doesn’t even have GPS, so you can be confident in knowing your privacy is protected. However, if you decide not to share your data, you’ll be missing out on your Driver Rewards and the opportunity of an even better price at renewal.

Of course, you’ll still be covered, but why not get the best out of being an Autoist?